8 Myths Surrounding Sugar Babies And Sugar Daddies In Malaysia

We have all heard about sugar baby and sugar daddy relationships. We have all made jokes about them, too. We assume the worst about them and we never try to understand sugar babies and sugar daddies.

There are serious misconceptions about sugar dating in our country, especially since we are known to be culturally sensitive. More often than not, sugar babies and sugar daddies are judged badly for what they commit to.

Here are 8 myths surrounding sugar babies and sugar daddies in Malaysia. Stay with us, you will be surprised to learn the truth!

Myth 1: All sugar daddies are married and cheat their partners with sugar babies

Sugar relationships are not built on the cheating foundation and sugar daddies are not merely looking to escape their married life. Understandably, there might be some who are lonely in their relationship and are looking for companions.

However, many sugar daddies are single, widowed, and divorced. They crave for companionship in their lives. Often, men who work through their 20s, 30s, and 40s have less time to juggle marriage and work. They may find the perfect balance with their sugar babies.

The truth: Sugar daddies are not cheaters and sugar babies are not homewreckers!

Myth 2: Sugar daddies only want sex

While many sugar relationships include sex, it is important to know that sugar daddies are not only focused on sex. Many want to cuddle, go on dates, kiss, hug, hold hands, and have conversations with sugar babies.

In fact, many sugar relationships are going on well without any physical intimacy during the COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

The truth: Sugar daddies are not here for only sex. A sugar relationship is a combination of many things, just like your regular relationship.

Myth 3: Sugar babies can’t get any other job

Sugar babies do not resort to sugar relationships as the last option to make money. They choose to be sugar babies for various reasons. A lot of sugar babies are students who are using sugar relationships to pay off their education loans. Some even have other jobs apart from sugar dating.

They are educated and are highly capable to earn their money in the corporate world. They are just attracted to the finer things a sugar relationship offers them at this point in their lives.

Truth: Sugar babies are educated and highly capable women.

Myth 4: Sugar babies are all skinny and look like models

Sugar babies are real women and real women come in various shapes and sizes. You may have seen lots of skinny women advertised for sugar dating sites. But, not all of the sugar babies are being advertised.

Sugar babies are curvy, skinny, average-sized, tall, short, young, and mature. Sugar daddies and sugar babies get on together based on their preferences and tastes.

The truth: Sugar babies are real women with natural bodies and come in all sizes.

Myth 5: Sugar daddies are old and rich

A very common image that comes to the mind upon hearing the word sugar daddy is an old man with excessive money. Unfortunately, this could not be further than the truth. There are sugar daddies in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. You do not have to wait to be old to be a sugar daddy.

Meanwhile, although you need to have your finances sorted to provide for your sugar babies, you do not have to be a millionaire to start a sugar relationship. All you need is enough money to keep providing for your sugar baby.

The truth: Sugar daddies are of all ages and financial standings.

Myth 6: Sugar babies are prostitutes

It is easy to assume sugar babies are prostitutes just because sex may be involved in sugar relationships. But, sugar babies provide much more than sex to sugar daddies. For instance, some sugar daddies may want to spill their hearts and share their issues with sugar babies.

In situations like this, sugar babies are also providing comfort and companionship. Hence, the focus is on building a connection between each other and may involve emotional bonding as well.

The truth: Sugar relationships include connection, comfort, and companionship. 

Myth 7: Sugar dating is dangerous

Sugar dating poses the same risks as conventional dating. Meeting new people and investing time and money comes with its own set of risks. But, with necessary precautions, you can overcome these risks.

All you need to do is to be vigilant, just like when you surf the Internet and go through your daily routine.

The truth: Sugar dating is as safe as you want it to be!

Myth 8: Sugar dating is against Asian culture

A little bit of research will show you that sugar dating is not far off from the concept of dowries that has been practiced by various cultures in the region. Monetary exchanges are common in weddings and marriages.

You need to earn enough money and show that your finances are in good order before your girlfriend’s parents agree with your wedding. Likewise, sugar dating involves monetary exchange for companionship, comfort, and sex.

The truth: The foundation of sugar dating is similar to many practices in Asian culture.

Shredding the misconceptions about sugar babies and sugar daddies

Now that we have busted the myths that often put sugar dating in a bad light, we hope men who want to connect with sugar babies and sugar babies who want to get into sugar dating will not be judged poorly.

Sugar dating sites such as Sugarbook have changed the perception of the society about sugar relationships.

Find out more about sugar dating, sugar babies, and sugar daddies here!

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